Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Coppertone Clearlysheer Review

Sun tan lotions are putting out more products than every. But what I need is something sensitive, something that I can trust to put on my skin and avoid a break out.

So when I got Coppertone Clearlysheer in the mail through bzzagent, I felt excited to try it! Especially for my latest activity. Biking.

I go biking, I bought myself a new bike, and want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. So when I got this in the mail I was excited to try it. My face is especially prone to breakouts, and therefore something that was as sensitive as possible was a must.

I got the box in the mail (with a little squee of delight), and opened the contents. I received a full size of the sunny days, 3 travel sizes of it, and two unmarked coppertone sprays (I am unsure if they are clearlysheer or not).

I used the spray (which has a strong smell), on my body, and the cream on my face.

I was not disappointed with the amount of coverage I got out of this product, but it felt a little... greasy going on. I did not like that, and I worried about the way it would feel all day. After about 10 minutes, the feeling diminished and I went out to go biking on a trail. I biked for about 3 hours, with a moderate amount of sweat. It seemed to hold up okay to sweat, but this is definitely not a sport lotion.

My nose got a little red (it always does), but the rest of my face was protected, and my nose was not as red as it normally is. I was very impressed with the quality of protection.

In short, I would recommend this to friends, I think it works as directed, and it leaves me from an allergic reaction, or an ugly breakout.

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