Monday, October 27, 2014

Neil Diamond, Melody Road Review

Neil Diamond is one of those artists that my parents played from their lives, an artist that I heard all the time growing up in the 90's. He was prolific, and carried his 60's, 70's, sound. Something I will never forget. When I was offered, through the One2One network to listen to this album and review it, I jumped at the chance. Because I knew it was something I would enjoy. And I did.

If you are a Neil Diamond fan, this will add to your collection nicely. If you are not familiar with his sound, I recommend you get familiar, because it is worth the listen!

His new album, Melody Road, provides a path down nostalgia lane. His new album carries a lot of his signature sound, and it lulls you with its sweetness.

This is the perfect CD for someone going on a honeymoon, for someone in a good place. I highly recommend it for road tripping.

Neil Diamond has charted 37 Top 40 singles and 16 Top 10 albums in the U.S., which shows his dedication to the music world. He has contributed so much to the world, from his song writing, to his own radio tracks.

 His most recent original studio release, 2008’s Home Before Dark, debuted at #1 in the U.S. and the UK on the Billboard Top Albums chart.

Diamond is already inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, but continues producing works.

 ( The album is great for honey mooning or road tripping. Like along this nice dirt road.)

This is definitely an uplifting album, mostly about romance, love, and embracing the beauty of life. Flute, tambourine, guitar, and banjo mix together to create a beautiful melody, one reminiscent of his older works, almost fifty years ago.

My favorite song on the album is Seonagh and Jimmy a sweet ballad that says "each day is a promise, I'll never let you go." About the dreams of love, and overcoming the differences of language, ethnicity, and culture. Each song has similar elements, overcoming all for being the main message of the album, in my opinion.

Pick up your copy today!


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